Digital Fabrication

Digital fabrication is establishing itself as a core discipline for architecture. It promises to close the gaps between digital technologies and the physical construction process. The benefits of digital fabrication are evident: efficient use of production resources, material-specific design concepts and constructive durability, thanks to the seamless integration of design and fabrication.

The new National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) “Digital Fabrication” examines innovative processes of design, engineering and construction in architecture. The main focus of this NCCR is research into digital design and manufacturing processes and their synthesis through the use of novel technologies. Through a multidisciplinary approach the disciplines of architecture, structural design, robotics, and material and computer sciences are brought together in an ambitious partnership to establish digital technology as an essential part of future building processes.

The NCCR Digital Fabrication take Switzerland to the cutting edge of this new and exciting field. The first four-year phase launched with extensive PhD and advanced research projects and a new MAS program. The NCCR brings together researchers and industry in ambitious partnerships. In the two following phases (each for four years in duration) the NCCR will evolve with the practice of digital fabrication establishing it as a significant multidisciplinary and technological subject at the ETH Zurich. The development of this NCCR will create opportunities for research, for collaboration, for technology transfer, all with the long-term goal of significantly changing the future of architecture and construction.

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